January 22nd, 2020

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The Polyglot Cruise and language app uTalk are happy to announce a partnership for the first ever Polyglot Cruise event, taking place April 18-25, 2020.

As a part of this partnership, participants of the Cruise will be given complimentary access to a language pack on the popular language learning app uTalk.

The uTalk app uses recordings of native speakers to help you learn how to pronounce and recognise more than 2,500 useful words and phrases in any of 140+ languages.

It includes five progressively challenging games, runs on all mainstream devices and works for English and non-English speakers alike.

Even better, its cruise-ready choice of languages includes Sicilian, Maltese, Catalan, Spanish and Italian.

Win a Polyglot Cruise #2 Ticket

During the cruise, participants are encouraged to use their language skills when they get off the ship for the daily port visits.

Participants can join the competition by using the hashtag #uTalkCruise to post a video of themselves speaking or interacting in a foreign language during the cruise.

The best video will receive a free ticket for the next Polyglot Cruise, as well as complimentary access to the entire uTalk library of courses.

Here’s what uTalk Chairman, Richard Howeson had to say about the Polyglot Cruise.

“No time to get fluent for the Polyglot Cruise? Then grab the uTalk app and we’ll make sure you have a bon voyage!

Our app gives you the speaking and listening skills you need to exchange some friendly words – and smiles – wherever you disembark.

To make learning more fun, you can also compete against fellow passengers on an online leaderboard to see who’s in deep water and who knows the ropes. Make language learning plain sailing with uTalk.”

Richard Howeson

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