The Polyglot Cruise was an annual conference onboard a luxury cruise ship for anyone interested in foreign language learning, multilingual lifestyle, or just an epic holiday amongst amazing people.

Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic it was indefinitely put on hold as of January of 2021.


Kris Broholm, Main Organiser

Areas of Responsibility: General admin, cruise line liason, billing, sponsors, special requests.

Kris has been publishing language learning content on Actualfluency.com since 2014, as a regular at many of the global language learning conferences he has a lot of experience of what makes a good conference.

He came up with the Polyglot Cruise, because he felt like many of the conferences lacked social time and space in the schedule to just get to know other participants better.

Plus, what better way to enjoy a conference than as part of a luxury cruise?

Peter Carroll, Deputy Organiser

Areas of Responsiblity: Swag/Merchandise, time-keeping, and supporting Kris on board.

Peter is one of the founders of RhinoSpike, a website that helps people learn pronunciation by submitting texts to be spoken by native speakers.

Having attended many language conferences himself, Peter is no rookie either when it comes to multilingual events.