March 14, 2020

Dear friends, participants, and interested parties in the Polyglot Cruise.

As the situation surrounding the Coronavirus outbreak grows worse and worse we have reached a stage, where we see no other option than to postpone the inaugural Polyglot Cruise.

This comes as no easy decision for us, but with the following incidents in mind we don’t anticipate any improvements in the situation over the next month or so before we are due to depart.

  • President Trump banning all European flights
  • Princess, Viking, and Virgin cruise lines halting operations for an extended period of time
  • Costa Pacifica (our ship!) has already cancelled its trips departing on 23/03, 27/03 and 03/04.
  • Aggressive growth of the virus in Europe, especially Spain and Italy.
  • Countries enforcing lockdowns, quarantine periods, and travel bans.

It’s totally possible that the cruise COULD have gone ahead, but we feel like too many people would be forced to cancel anyway, and we’d rather put up an amazing first event when everything is safe – than to risk anything and have the entire thing overshadowed by this horrible situation.

What this means for you as a registered participant

Your ticket will be transferred onto the next Polyglot Cruise (April 2021)* as a full credit, to be used towards the class of cabin you want to be booked in.

Bonus: As a special thank you for being part of the original Polyglot Cruisers we’ll be upgrading everyone who transfer their ticket to a higher class of cabin for the next year’s event.

As an example: If you were booked in the Inside Double (cheapest option) we’ll upgrade you to an Inside Premium, and so on…**

If you wish to refund your ticket

We offer anyone, who are not interested in transferring their ticket, a 50% refund until April 3rd, 2020***

Simply contact the Polyglot Cruise support and we’ll process it immediately. Funds are normally back on your chosen payment method within 5-10 working days.

Contact Support

We will assume that participants who have not confirmed their choice before April 3rd, 2020 wish to transfer their tickets.

NEW: Virtual Polyglot Cruise Conference

April 2020

As a contingency plan, to hear the presentations and panels of our great speakers we’ll be organising an impromptu virtual conference online, in the month of April 2020.

All the speakers:

  • Lindsay Williams
  • Olly Richards
  • Kerstin Cable
  • Judith Meyer

Will participate with their presentations and panel discussions and they will be available for answering any questions you might have.

This will take place around the time that the cruise was meant to take place, April 18-25. Final dates to be confirmed ASAP.

Recordings will be provided, in case you are unable to attend any of the live sessions.

It hurts me a lot to do have to postpone the event, but it’s the right thing to do at this time.


Polyglot Cruise Head Organiser



* We are striving to match the event dates (April 2021), departure port, itinerary, and ship of this year’s cruise for the 2021 edition. In the extremely unlikely event that the 2021 version of the Polyglot Cruise is cancelled for any reason (like another viral outbreak), you will receive a full refund of your transferred credits.
** Subject to availability.
***The refund offer is valid until April 3rd, 2020. After this only a full transfer of tickets will be offered.